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This week we tell you how to beat a spelling bee, talk to honey bees and you’ll never need a can opener again!*

*you should probably keep a can opener around just in case.

TitleEpisode 143: Bees, Bees and Cans
Album Art

How to give a dog a compliment, take your bagel to work and an unsolved mystery. 

Photo: Chris  Conlon

TitleEpisode 120: A Twerking Mystery; The Bagel Tote and Complimenting Your Dog

Hecklers, Cheetahs, and Goodbyes

How to face down a heckler, make a movie with a cheetah, and get off the phone. Plus: our first international Toilet of the Week!

The Thanksgiving Episode

How to always win the wishbone pull, and navigate Thanksgiving family drama. Plus: Paula Deen on turkey, and we talk pumpkin pie with James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins. Seriously.

Bumper Stickers, Scandals, and Bugs

How to get a bumper sticker off your car, find a suitable substitute during a cockroach shortage (this is something that happens, apparently), and read a woman’s t-shirt without looking like a creep. Plus, Carl Bernstein, of Woodward and Bernstein, helps us put a name on the Petraeus Scandal.

Skeuomorphs, Hurricanes, and Showtunes

How to stop a hurricane and win every single swing state. Plus the lovely Kristin Chenoweth helps you sing a showtune, with assistance from another very special guest.

Apple, Baseball, and Halloween

A look inside the Apple Store Employee Manual, how to enjoy the World Series if you’re like Ian and you don’t know a thing about baseball, and how to make a good Halloween costume.

Lunch, Art, Cows, and Miracles

How to always remember your lunch, steal a million dollar painting, hang out with a farmer, and more. Plus: our Toilet of the Week.

Cupcakes, S’mores, Plants, and Toilets

How to eat a cupcake, make s’mores properly, and maybe, just maybe, help your plants grow. Plus, our Toilet Of The Week!

Public Toilets, Debate Prep and Nintendo